As an author, Julie Doan has impacted thousands of lives. As a public speaker, Julie has impacted thousands more. She utilizes her background in nursing with her training as a life coach to help people make better decisions and develop clear plans for change.

In sports, people depend on coaches to achieve their personal bests. In business, coaches and mentors guide the way to success and wealth. In people's daily lives, life coaches help people live healthier, peaceful, and rewarding lives.

Julie's effective teaching style is reflected in her near 5-star Verified Reviews.

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Testimonials & Reviews

I loved your personal story and would like to hear more examples of people achieving goals, especially in areas of personal development or marriage. You were amazing, and I'm serious. Loved it! - Brooke


She used personal examples and humor. She explained the SMART goals well and in a way that I was able to make attainable goals. In a group environment, she still made the coaching individualized, which was helpful & supportive. Great job!  - Julie


Enjoyed class and eye opener for me. - Smeerae


I really do think you are a 5! You explained everything really well and were motivating. I think I was able to come up with a more achievable goal than our first foray. Haha. Love you bunches! - Amy


I learned so much from Mrs. Julie Doan's presentations. They were informative and compelling. I would definitely attend another retreat in the future where Mrs. Doan would be speaking. - Joyce


Awesome testimonial. We loved it. A lot of the things spoken hit home. Thank you for being courageous and speaking about though topics that a lot of people have been through.  - Jose


Thank you for your candor. God spoke to my heart, especially in giving over my financials to the Lord as they are my stress triggers. - James


You made us laugh. You made us cry. You made us listen! Thank you for a personal, educational, and encouraging message! I wish all parents could be informed before becoming parents as a means of prevention and to be equipped before a battle ensues. - Jessica